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New 320 Owner, hello!


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Hi all,

I recently acquired a 65 L320 in pretty great shape and have already found this forum an excellent resource for info.

I wanted to introduce myself and say thanks for all the helpful stuff I've read on here that helped me buy the right one and give me a good idea of what to expect when rebuilding certain parts.


I'm currently rebuilding the carb and wondering if anyone has a Nikki accelerator pump for a 320? Any leads would be greatly appreciated.




(Seattle, WA)



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Very nice truck.  Looks like you've got a nice 65 there.  Is it a column shift or floor shift?  

It is really difficult to find a replacement mechanical fuel pump but you should be able to use a fuel pump from a J-series engine or even an L-series if you can find one new, but you have to swap over the lever arm from your existing pump onto the newer pump in order to make it work.  

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Thanks all, will post more pictures soon. It is a floor shift.  


p.s. sorry about that, I will make a formal WTB post in classified section looking for the carb accelerator pump/plunger.  

Still figuring this forum thing out. Thanks again!

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Looks like Roland's truck?


Kyler, I believe I saw a carb kit with the pump you're looking for on eBay being sold by MLP Carb out of Australia.  As far as I remember they were selling for around $50 for the whole kit plus shipping to the US.


You can also try Ted Heaton, he might have something.

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Thanks all, yep I bought this off of Roland up here in Seattle. Really nice guy, gave me a bunch of extra parts, (except a spare carb :) ) He mentioned I should try and join NWDE up here, If I can shift my work schedule around I'm going to try and make the next meeting.

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Rowland did a nice job with that truck.  I saw it when he first started working on it.  He is a good, trusty kind of guy.  Please come to our NWDE meeting this Sunday if you can.  Located at the Round Table Pizza in Renton,on 180th street right east of Ikea.  

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