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Super slow... normal?

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Hey guys so I've got yet another datsun... won't have pics till this weekend but I've got a question.


Stock l24e auto Trans

Well maintained

Engine runs smooth


The problem I'm having is that it's very shaky at all speeds as you speed up the shaking gets faster... initially I thought it was an out of balance/bubbled tire but it's not...

And I am wondering if that could co-encide with the fact that it is soo slow 0-60 23 seconds!!!! I knew the autos were bad but. Are they that bad?

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The engine determines the performance and not the transmission. A 23 second 60 time is very poor so look at the tune of the engine. Pull and inspect the plugs. They are a look inside the combustion chamber. The L24 is fuel injection... maybe the flap door on the MAF is sticking or the wiper that it moves over a resistance track is worn. This variable reading tell the ECU how much air is entering the engine so it can work out the mixture. It may idle fine but have poor pick up.

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I pulled the plugs and they look fine...


I will check the air flow meter in the morning...


Any insight into the cause of the shaking maybe a bent axle in the rear end... does that happen?


The shaking does not change during braking or under load only speed affects it...


I was thinking motor mount, Trans. Mount, u joints.. but all of those look fine and the u joints usually make a noise first don't they?


Anyway it's confusing me any help would be great...

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I went out to start it this morning and... nothing....


So I went through my plugs and replaced them with ngk bp6es. replaced the wires,replaced the cold start injector, replaced the throttle position sensor, cleaned and reinstalled the air flow meter, and replaced the battery...


And still I have a cranks but no start issue... need help asap.

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Figured this out....

it ended up being my water temperature switch and thermotime switch both went bad...


For search purposes

Cranks but no start

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What is the thermotime switch?

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When you look at your thermostat housing you will see two or three sensors and basically...


the thermotime sensor reads the temperature for 9 seconds, and tells your cold start injector when it should fire on.. it is a water temperature sensor that only works for 9 seconds

Which is why you have that and a water temperature sensor as well as your temperature sending unit it's all part of the L Jetronic fuel injection system..

When your water temperature sensor goes bad your car will run very very very rich or very lean. because it has no idea what the temperature of the car is, and how much fuel it needs to put in. if you're thermo time sensor goes out you will either not be able to start it in the mornings or it will be at high idle and running very very rich.

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Thanks for the info

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you figured out the shaking source??


If not I would suggest checking the driveshaft bearing/carrier (someone correct the name of the part if wrong), anyways, it will be located at the middle of the driveshaft, with the driveshaft going through it. when these go bad, the car vibrates increasingly as you go up in speed, and specially if you apply more power.


it will happen very strong, if you take off hard.


Let us know.


And please post some pics, would love to see another 810.


NOTE: if nothing makes sense feel free to say so, English is not my mother tongue.




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