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Billet proof drags SUNDAY AUG 27th


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Pffft.why should you be thankful for something youre entitled to?


Kevin, relax. We're just ruffling your feathers.


No need to be all defensive.








Fuck those guys. Come back home. They're dicks.



lol ok can we just fucking stop now ... let all remember what we love about one another ... and thas each other ... chill naner ... i know your passive aggressive is on fleek right now ... and u will laugh it off since you all proud u wore a shirt with no holes  w/ bbq residue on it but shit...even my life cant deal with this drama ...kev we lofve u see u at the next time i show up .. remind me did i show up at vics or old school or big toms ./... so whos the entitled asshole now 





fuck tease me about my stupid print or something ... or teds window trim thats more expensive then his whole truck 

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Costco has good benies, I almost worked there out of highschool but I didn't want to drive to fuckin tumwater everyday.


... over time it's worth it. If you really stick with them.. I did get lucky, got a raise soon after getting back on...

Hoping this transfer goes well... Fucken moving back to Pasco in like TWO MONTHS! ! ! Fuuuuck!

Gotta get my nerves checked out... can people do do that?.

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So we are rolling up to Federal Way tonight ( Wednesday) and we will be there about 8pm you should go... I know a bunch of you fags live like 10 minutes away from the frickin place so get off your ass and take the ole lady out for a burger for Christs sakes....


Uber duper gets off at 7 in hawks prairie ( LACEY) so if we grouped up there we could roll out up north maybe to the parking lot by Fat Burger ( LA fitness(?) at about 8-ish pm  It's about 1 hour for all of us  or about 35 miles

somewhere about here might be empty




 they have gluten free burgers



Met up with Tedward Tentacles on the hiway and Juan-ear is sitting right here at my table they are both rolling up. And come on scalpum ,,,,,,,, it's just one night away from pawn stars ..

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Are you talking about the Shoreline thread??? So :confused: :confused: Went down to the ocean today, saw a sign that said beach access, it also said NO WATER, why would one go to the beach if there's no water?

Isn't a beach with no water just a desert?

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Are you talking about the Shoreline thread??? So :confused:  :confused:     Went down to the ocean today, saw a sign that said beach access, it also said  NO WATER, why would one go to the beach if there's no water? 



Yes ,, i put it here cuz Shoreline thread info is buried in amongst all the hipster steakhouse talk ....... Mostly because we aren't going to Shoreline and maybe some Tacoma / South Seattle douche bags might show if it is in title where and when and what-not.


And some might open it up,  since shoreline thread is in discussions and it doesn't say post ass or tits


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My nephew has work there for almost 10 years now ( costcos) Started cutting meet in deli and now is front end superviser. making bank!!


U mean meat ..... A meet is what they're doing ........ Shit u guys are rolling late I won't be at work that late i hope .......... Maybe just hanging with scalpum today was all the Datto ing for my week ........ Oh and uber and the beautiful Lexi as well earlier today ...... Neither drove datsuns though ..... I did but oh

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