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Billet proof drags SUNDAY AUG 27th


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That was Rick,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i haven't seen Q-tip at a meet in so long i thought it was him .


or j-cock....




shit . even mr. datsun when allowed, stopped by, i here ....   


to my defense i was celebrating all weekend the final docs of my ever lasting divorce ... finally ... many restored datsun's later...I forked over a non running 521s value and signed the title to her tahoe and gave her the 3rd row seats and I'm back on the market.... match.com here I cum.......I'm just matching tattoos away from a cliche' ...i look forward to spending my First child support check on some datsun parts..  Then the rest of them in my daughters school fund ... 

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 we have been doing the last minute thing lately cuz it's cold as fuck and it gives some that can't get outta work and such a say when THEY can show,, cuz  fucking Ted®  asks them and i just have been posting the final decision .




Lefty's,,,,,,,,,, you should go






Was "mr. datsun" the crazy dude yelling at his invisible friend ? ,,, Cuz yeah,, he made it.

or j-cock....




shit . even mr. datsun when allowed, stopped by, i here ....   



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That was Rick?? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i haven't seen Q-tip at a meet in so long i thought it was him . and he had just primered that red truck he tried running over that old lady with.

I only missed 2, we just haven't had many meets in the last 4 months.

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In honor of our vets that gave their lives TOTALLY kinking Italy's fucking ass in WWII ...

  A couple of us are going to have some pizza today around /pert-near 2:00 pm .. Over at Vic's pizza in Tumwater.. (Wildwood neighborhood) . It's a piece by the slice place so you don't have-to order a whole god damn pepperoni pie,,, to get a piece....
If you are "that guy" cough,cough QTip,cough,cough,,, they do have Gluten free as well as Vegetarian and Vegan pizza by the slice.... you pussies.
Map link
2822 Capitol Blvd SE, Olympia, WA 98501,,,,,,

If by some freak happening your from out of town somehow,,, map shows freeway going past but unless your Datsun can traverse a 50-60 embankment ,,there is no way that you are getting off on Capital Blvd.


Don't be a douche and use some lame excuse to drive some bullshit KIA or Hyundai ,,,, datsuns,,, just drive the frickin thing.


Me, Scalpumlips, Fucking Ted and maybe FAT510 are going ,,,,,,,,,if you wanna come,, come .

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It's only tiny lunch my good man,,, with the traffic that sometimes is in Tacoma on holiday weekends not sure if it would even be worth your drive really.............. Maybe you should just make a little time on your way to Eugene in a couple weeks and stop by and take a piss out behind the house and stretch the ole leggs a bit and what-not.

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Yeah I'm staying in bed today anyways. Didn't feel like and don't really have the money to come down today and really didn't want to deal with traffic.


Your place is one of my planned puts tips for the drive down though I'll need your address again. Make sure your bathroom is clean, my copilot might need to use it.

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Vics has a pizza called, Teddy. Why you no get that? But, getting the Vegan calzone w/sausage was pretty funny... And that weird slice I got, since everyone was wondering, "Vic’s Red Sauce Base, Mozzarella, Sweet Potato, Sun Dried Tomato, Cashews, Feta, with a Drizzle of Basil Pesto." Not bad.


And got my new contact lens in... just fyi.

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Jesus Tdaaj you woke up ornery this morning  ??  :rofl: :rofl:


And it's not like we moved 6-7 miles closer to his work and then proceeded to wait for the little fucker for an hour and a half longer.............. or anything,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,




wait .

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At this time we ask that you please rise for the playing of our national anthem............






















No pictures from Vics for me  since the parking was all over the place.



BUT after some gluten free vegan pizza ,,, that i must say is pretty damn good......... we went over to have ice cream closer to Ubergoobers  dicklips-es work ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but he never showed.















Then we went to where Dueceduece was working on his 620 and hung out there for awhile,,,,,,,,,, then bounced and went home.

















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