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Billet proof drags SUNDAY AUG 27th


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Me , my son, and my brothers are driving our Datsuns (and maybe a Toyota)  down to Riverdale Raceway in Toutle WA to the Bulletproof drags THIS SUNDAY ..  It's a nostalgia drags at a very small dragstrip located on the road to Mt. St. Helens Johnston ridge observatory ... So we might leave drags about 2-3 or so and drive the rest of the way up to the mountain ( I THINK you will need to have either a WA State park pass or CASH to buy one to park at observatory  ) ...


$10. CASH to get into the joint,,, you park right by the track in gravel.


Info here ,, clickity clickity



It is a small 1/8th mile small track that is more of a car show than competitive drags race so you can walk around cars talking to owners and shit all day ,,,, unless of course the owner is an old prick ..


ON THE WAY BACK we are turning onto hwy 505 and going through Toledo ,, then North on Jackson Hwy for the drive,, you can go straight to freeway but it gets pretty backed northbound sometimes on Sundays


Was thinking if anyone wants to caravan we would leave here  about 10: am-ish ( probably be late as usual though) :rofl:




It's a rest stop but don't get any ideas about fagging on each other cuz we just don't have time for that


Head down freeway to here

Riverdale Raceway





We are driving the speed limit , mellowly down cuz fuck you i'm old



Video i took at same drags in 2010



We are driving the speed limit , mellowly down cuz fuck you i'm old






Hey Gluten boy ,,,, they don't serve that shit here..





Newest pictures are on the last pages in this thread and what-not.










And a big thanks to FAT510 and JRock for trying so hard to make it out also.
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Yeah i stole them from Ted cuz i was trying so hard to get my 83 ZX going most of the morning so i could bring one of my youngest,,,  that i forgot camera.. 


Thinking i am just going to dig a hole in front yard and stand that stupid ZX  up on end as a warning to all those other Datsuns in yard.

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Maybe when the weather warms up a little bit, we could have lunch over at your work sometime if you have to work Sundays ..  Hell ,, i could go for one of those frickin hot dogs right now!


















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I heard of this dip last night.. sounds fun. Post a video next time you hit it.


The dip is nuts!!!


If I don't have to work today I'm thinking about finding it...


At 830 a manager called me and ask if I can come in today, Sundays are time and a half.. I just woke up.. so they probably found someone.. but if not I'll be working.. if so I'll do some wire work and hit the dip in the Subi!

With the gopro.

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Thought last Friday night we could have lunch on Tdaajs birthday ,,,,  sooooooooooooooo today we did,






And a big thanks to FAT510 and JRock for trying so hard to make it out also.





somethings waving at me ... sorry guys, I  was busy ... Duece asked me to come and if i worked sunday A.M.    i was gonna come ..or at least show up to make it awkward,   but did some family stuff instead... cant be making babies if I'm out cruising the street ya know?




I wanted to be there, didn't leave Eugene tell 130 or something..


thanks to kevin for running some can'tby brake set up to sky blue for me though .... saved my sunday family stuff plans... appreciate the hook up with travel and the delicous blue berry cheesecake .. missed the nanerbut i sent ted a internet hug


Screw facebook! Happy bday guys..



thanks for the invite duece... sorry we missed you friday night for the tear down ... u didn't miss much ... it went fast but i did miss you jokes .. phixius was a huge help making that go fast ... thanks phixius.... fucked up one of my wheels at the shop.... backing up one eyed.....also glad to hear duece pulled a j rock and washed his truck in the rain ..  :thumbup:

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Old school pizza downtown Olympia ,, Sunday March 20th  about 12 noon ,,,,,,,,,, it's a pizza by the slice place so it is cheap to eat.   Lots of parking across street for free .

 Supposed to be nice but we will be there even if it is shitty ,, 


From the north



From the south




geeeeeeze us






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