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720... Biggest tires i can fit?

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Is it some old used kit?


I ask because all their new kits only give 1.5" of lift, and that's been the standard for most Nissan 4wd lifts for quite some time.


At 1.5" of lift Superlft states only a 31x10.50 will fit.  And wheel offset and width are huge in making that work.




Even with an added 3" body lift, I've never heard anyone being able to fit better than a 32x10.50 without lots of cutting for clearance.

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You will not clear 33s without cutting fenders, even with that lift. I've been running about 2.5 inches of lift on my 720 for years, using aftermarket control upper control arms up front and extended shackles in the rear. My 31x10.5s worked great until I changed rims which pushed my tires maybe 2 inches farther out, then even the 31s were catching my fenders.


If you add in 1.5 to 2 inch ball joint spacers, you MIGHT get there, but likely will still need to cut.


Regrettably, the 720 ifs just doesn't lift all that well beyond 2 inches.

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Sounds like it will set your truck up basically exactly like mine. 31x10.5s is the biggest you will be able to run without body modifications.

I have a new set of 31x10.50s for the factory 15 inch rims. Will they rub without lifting or turning up the torsion bars?
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Yes, 31s rub at stock height. Any hard bump or while turning. Some of this can be alleviated by offset. But typically, 30 is the very largest tire you can run at stock height, and even that depends on offset.

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Cranking up your torsion bars will create positive camber (tire top leaning out). To a point, you can correct this by removing alignment shims from the upper control arm, but once the control arm is on the frame, that's it.


Lifting this way creates a significantly more aggressive camber curve as you articulate, which in turn creates more bump steer.


That being said, you can achieve 1 to 1.5 inches of lift usually without seriously bad positive camber, but only you can decide what's too much.

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