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Rebuilding my 1966 311 ( any input is welcome)


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I started this project in July 2014. I've been going through cancer treatment for the past 4 years with 2 brain surgery sin between. I had a 67 roadster in 2006 but got rid of it to pay for a wedding. I decided to get one to restore while I was going through chemo and radiation ( working on cars always helped calm me). It's my first time on this site and I want to post my progress but I don't know how to post a picture. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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You will need join a photo hosting website like photobucket. They aren't amazing, but they work.


Here's a link to further instructions.




Welcome to Ratsun. We are pic whores, so load plenty! Look forward to seeing the car.

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I had a 311 many years ago with the R engine, look forward to seeing your work.


Photobucket was driving me crazy, but it turns out it was because I still was using Internet Exporer.

Once I switched to Chrome, all the problems went away.


I also use paintshop to rework any pictures that have a red hue to them, to add text, to outline something, to crop, or to resize.

Comes in handy if your camera takes really big pictures, or if the lighting isn't just right.

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