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A dream come true

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Ever since I can think back, Silver has been in my family. 

Silver has been in the family longer than I have, and Ive racked up two and a half decades around here. 

But ever since I can remember, I loved being crammed in the fold out rear seat behind my Papa going to Palo Duro Canyon to hike or somewhere for no reason at all.

I can remember loving Silver and wanting to drive it some day.

Well, now Silver is mine at last, and its time to bring out it's full potential!

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Working on Datsuns dosent make you a mechanic,just means you atleast have some moderate ability.If you can work on any German you are a mechanic.


Fixed that one for ya.


Welcome to the Forums, good looking truck ya got there. If there had been no pic's, I was going to ask just what in the hell Silver was. I had pet ferret named Silver and those little bastards live a long time too.

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lonestar.... vw,s are german and fiats are Italian.But Its alright I give Texans a break.

Um...yeah, I know that but if you really wanna get technical about, Fiat is own by  FCA US LLC  aka Chrysler Motors which in fact also owns Daimler-Benz AG which make Mercedes. Now that I have to explain this...I tear these cars down all dam day long for a living. The point I was trying to make was I'll take a Fiat over ANYTHING German any dam day of the week and if you know how to work on ANYTHING German, you have my respect. That is all, carry on. =3

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