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My new 521


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I set up a website with GoDaddy.com.   Then you also have to rent server space, but that space is yours, and you control it.


I use a free FTP (File Transfer Protocall), program, Filezilla, to transfer images from my computer to the server space.  


With the FTP program, you can transfer a single picture, a directory of pictures, or more.


After you have your pictures uploaded to the server, go to the Ratsun post you want to add pictures to.  Then you open a second window, or tab, and type in the full address of the picture you want in the Ratsun post, on your server.  Get the picture you want displayed in the second tab.


Go back to the ratsun post you are editing, and when you get to where you want the picture, click on the image icon in the second tool bar.  It is a green square, a bit of red on the bottom, with a blue outline.  That opens a small window in the Ratsun post, asking for an image url.  Switch tabs to your picture, highlight the full address in the location bar, and copy it, (control-C).  Switch back to Ratsun tab, with the small window.  Enter the picture address, (control-V).  That should post your picture, from your server.

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I went to the 510keepers house today. He lives 30 minutes away. Looked at his coil over set ups he sells and some wheels. The plan is to lower it, wheels and like you said just buff it out. It's original automatic but has been swapped with a 4 speed, a Weber and a U67 head. I scored at $500. Going through the brakes, needs shocks and tires and then it'll be on the road. Thanks Bonzai

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So the 510 I recently bought is gone now. I sold it for some cash and a KA24 single cam with a 5 speed and the harness and computer. It will soon be going in the 521. Any advice is welcomed.

It apparently was in a 510 wagon. The mounts are still in the KA..... not sure if they will work?

Either way I have a few more parts to acquire before I'm ready to put it in. Brake upgrades and maybe some wheels. And definitely lower it once the swap is done. Hope everyone who's at Canby is having a great time!

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