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My new 521


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Today I toted a 1 yard load of dirt fir my garden.

About a 1" lowering job (temporary). not sure what the weight was, but my front end was a little light and the hills were a slow going. Overall it hauled great. Was gifted a L20b short block today also. Need a front cover and six bolt flywheel. Already have aW58 head. Open chamber style. Collecting shit all day long in NorCal

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Matching coil? Sh!t, just buy a new one from Autozone and your off to the races!! Easy.........all day!

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My chincy plexiglass window came off the tracks cause my drunk friend wrenched it the wrong way


My hands don't squeeze into the openings that great. Any tips on getting it back on

Window down to get the rollers on the track?

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Exhaust was deteriorating pretty good



Cut out the cancerous crap and patched in a piece


Had to cut reliefs in the patch pipe and put it in a vise to decrease the diameter of the pipe so it would fit snugly over the remaining header pipe

Hell it was free?!

Thanks to my buddy Jay and his bitching shop!!

He has a 54 gmc, two 64 novas, 68 camaro, 31 Chrysler coupe, 65 mustang, 36 Chevy truck. And at least 50 other cars &trucks on his property. All pre 70's

Damn he is lucky I graced his shop with the presence of my Datsun

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Key to doing window stuff? Small hands or more patients. It's a B, but you can work it out if you do it slow. Good luck!

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