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240Z struts on a 510 issues?


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Hey folks, I have a friend getting rid of some 240Z struts, that he ran on a 510 to fit some SCAA rule BITD. I am picking up the struts, if for nothing else, for the coil over set-up.


I've heard 240 struts aren't a good option for a 510. If you look at the strut towers from his dime, I can see they were set back a bit. Is this because they were 240Z struts? Should I grab the camber plates? This stuff is really affordable, that is why I am thinking about it.







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Those are stock 510 calipers, so I presume the struts are as well...? 240z has dual piston calipers.


Those camber plates angle the strut back for some extra caster; good for straight line stability and let's you run less camber for cornering.

I imagine 240z struts are the same as 280Z struts in that they have an extreme spindle angle, so running them on a 510 would give you a massive amount of positive camber that couldn't be corrected with just camber plates.

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THanks shacks510. He swears they were from a Z car. But it was a looooong time ago, so who knows. It would be fantastic if they were 510 as I could run 13s with no sweat!


Couple more pics




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