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The SX Appeal

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Since I've been driving the SX as my daily well you find out all the little problems nothing really serious but as far as letting it warm up too much it will have a lot of lag as soon as I press the throttle it will stumble a little then go if I'm gentle or die if I press the throttle too far. Timing might be off a little, also my radiator was cracked along the top had to JB weld it for now until I can see about getting it repair tomorrow looks to hold up leaks very little.


Got clutch/brake pedal to do the manual swap just need a 5 speed. Unless i find a 4 speed O/D auto for now to be able to do long trips.

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Than that was you I passed on the way to ras with dats? I just saw a blur and took me a while to process it

Lol I passed many of you guys lol I had to take off to the store and plus my gf needed to use the phone since my mother law was watching my daughter for the weekend and that turned into going straight to Canby because my tire on my drive side rear was almost done from rubbing.

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Damn nice car.  :cool:

Thanks man it's sitting in the garage been slacking to get the radiator fixed for the Datslocos car show in California wanna stretch its legs again like I did for Canby.


The pics are from last year by the way I just can't believe I forgot to share them.

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Those models are so weird looking. I like it. I do want one but on the odd chance one has shown up for sale I wasn't ready to buy.


They look like this old Skyline ... its a Skyline, right?




Yep when I saw the fender flared yellow one in So.Cal reminded me so much of a Kenmari. The designer of the Kenmeri also designed the Silvia S10/200sx.

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The car is up and running since yesterday well actually midnight but she runs again with no real issue. I do have to address some small issues she's had since I got her that got a little worse. Could be a timing issue but since it's auto sometimes when I leave at a stop it dies when I press the accelerator. This happens every so often I'm thinking timing or even the carb going bad or shitty gas?





Anyway took her to work today and forgot my tags were expired lol. Had to get new ones at lunch. Maxima wheels are on just for now but I like the look. This year taking her as a all stock with the factory 13s steeies and hubcaps and beauty rings.



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S10 still kicking mostly sits in the garage, been having problems with the stock shitty hitachi carb.  I been debating on using my 40mm single side draft weber carb I don't have any past experience with those so I don't know what I'm missing on it.  Also gonna have to desmog it. 

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Nothing much for the 200sx this whole year.  I been throwing money at other projects and daily the 82 Maxima turbo lately.  


I actually aquired another 200sx but in green with green interior it isn't in the best shape but it's straight and all there.










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