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Big Blue cross country!

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So i got a 15 passenger van for a cross country trip this summer! Gonna build a rack for the top out of some stainless i got laying around, bed in the back, bench in the middle for the kids, and a honda 2000 gen to run a heater at night so we can sleep comfortable.Going from tillamook to pikes peak hill climb then to lowville new york and back! Any suggestions of places to see or things to do?!?! Suggestions on setup for the van? I forgot how to post pics so if someone can help me with that i will post a pic of the blue beast!! Kinda wanted some help from you guys on a paint/graphic sceme for it to tell the truth! Thanks

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Got the rack on and the new wheels! Made it look way cooler i think, now just gotta get the windows tinted! Also got my middle bench/bucket seats installed for the kids. Waiting on weather so i can paint the top white for heat reflection. Also so nice to have those stickers gone! I got the rack and stickers removed for 300 bucks which i thought was an awesome deal!

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Oleman20Kenny_zpsozvj2rrr.jpgI want to do something like this with the hot wheels swoosh but need somebody that can make the swoosh fit the van better. I would like it to start at the front of the front fender and go up and over it then down and then kinda just above the back wheelwell.

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