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new guy! 1985 720 motorhome

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So I changed the upper and lower ball joints today. After some contemplating I did it a little different than the previous link shows.you do not need to remove the brakes. Yes it would give you more room but it's really unnecessary. Also I could not get the damn ball joints out tapping on the crowns after everything was loosened. Once my friend got home and got the forks it was simple. do them one at a time. I did top then bottom. You can make it easier by turning the wheels what ever way gives you more space to work with.


It is important to note the two inside bolts that hold the lower balls on also hold the one bar. It's a steering component that you don't want running wild and free. So undo the nuts but leave one inside bolt in so you don't give yourself a bad day. Also have a jack under the lower a-frame (I think that's what it's called) you can adjust the height of things and make life easier.


It's not that hard of a job and a fun way to spend an afternoon. I think the right tools are the impotent part. That prying fork thingy helped the most.


On my unit all four balls were beat to hell. The we're also all from different manufacturers. But were they all ever beat. I knew they were on their death bed but oh my. I was right not to drive until they were fixed. If yours are pooched don't be shy; try and fix them. I'm no mechanic and other than the fork thingy I could have done them with just a socket set a hammer and a minimum of common sense.


Tomorrow I will take pics of the boxes with part numbers.


And I would like to thank the folks for thier comments. I completely understand I don't need a header. However any bonus power no matter how small is good for me as I'm driving a 4cyl motorhome. And I think they look cool. I want to get my engine bay as good looking as I can with the least ammount of whatsits and spagetti as I can. Biggest 3 concerns are reliability, power, and fuel milage. Where I live there is no emissions laws so I know I can ditch many whatsits. It's a slow process as I think I'm going to change jobs so money might go from tight to non existent for a bit.


Again thank you for the input and if anyone has any ideas post them up yo!




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My friend cleaned his garage so I couldn't get a picture of the boxes, part numbers or old balls. (That just sounds wrong. I never thought I would feel bad for not putting pictures of my old balls on the Internet. )


But if you are in canada you can get them at Napa for sure. Two were in ab the rest were brought from bc.


Off to work. Deadly chemicals don't haul themselves.....




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Been a while since I updated my progress. had a death in the family and some massive dental issues. but I have drank the blues away and near bankrupt myself on dental work ( over 20 grand) and am back repairing my 720 house.

since my last visit I have done all 8 plugs and wires, cap n rotor, wipers, and the big one... had the transmission completely rebuilt along with the pan gasket replaced. now the shop that did it messed up and it's still leaking. when they get time they are going to fix it again. with any luck they will get it right this time.lol.

Last night I had an oil change done and on way out to meet family in the morning I heard the crappy sound of a tire giving up the ghost. not fun at 3 am out on the hiway.  checked it and it was the tread peeling off. but it was still holding air and it's partner dualie was intact .  but being Sunday I couldn't find a shop open other than canadian tire. the location I went to is the absolute worst for service and the staff is as ignorant as the day is long so I laid down and made some calls. turns out my hot rod mechanic (oh yeah. I bought a rod.) had two brand new winter truck tires in my size and sold them to me for 80 bucks! those will be on the front when the shop opens and one of those fronts will go to replace the flat. then all my dualies will still match and I will have a spare in my sisters garage in case this happens again.

in the motorhome end of my 720 I put in a new fridge and furnace. both working mighty fine. I have a friend who is a manager at diy cabinets and he is doing renos in my motorhaus for free! you see him and his wife, also a good friend of mine, have kids so they can't smoke in the house. but I smoke so we spend a lot of time at my place. and he can't stand how old things look so he keeps making things better. I now have a locking door and wall between the truck cab and the back. this alone cuts my heating bill by at least a third. that's important in these  canadian winters. I live in my unit year round in North central alberta. as I write this I'm at a Walmart drinking coffee and watching the other campers freeze. Lol. 

So I still need more power. I know it's no race car but hiway speed would be nice.

I have noticed an excess of fuel coming out the exhaust. this might rhyme with my power being lower than usual. there is only aboot 50000km on this engine (2.4z) and I would really like more power.

so the answers I'm seeking today are:

1)How to I fix up the mixture so my fuel isn't blowing out the exhaust? could it be timing?
2)What is the best carb and place to get it for a 2.4z powered motorhome? how much torque will it add generally?
3)I tend to run a little cold even with the grill covered. any suggestions on types of thermostats ?
4)would something like an ignition coil help? if so what type?
I will see about cleaning things up tomorrow and getting some pictures up. for all the little tips and tricks I have read on the forum I think showing where it's got me so far in pics is the least I could do.

I have to have one of the nicest nissan motorhomes around. and I thank everyone who contributes here to helping me have such a damn nice house.


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Been a while. Have done a head gasket and a few other things. Have an ongoing illness so haven't done much thusly have not posted much. 


But I got hit and run, again. But i got the guy this time. He will pay all damages. Now the problem.... 


I just cant find a passenger door for a 1985 270.  If anyone can help....  I'm in Canada (Alberta). Color not important. Must be as close to rust free as possible. And the mirror do not attach to the door so holes for mirror aren't important. 


Thanks y'all and im sorry I haven't posted more. Will when im up to doing some work. 



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1 minute ago, datzenmike said:

The place for this is here... https://ratsun.net/classifieds/category/9-datsun-parts/  ... The good news is that all 720 doors are the same, well.... on the outside. Doors with electric windows are different on the inside and you can't swap manual / electric. I guess if you can find a power source you could run an electric door on one side if you like.


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 I just bought a 1985 Nissan Citation 21 foot rv and live in Calgary Alberta and would appreciate hearing back from the other guy in Alberta with a 1985 Nissan rv. I would like to connect with people who have older Datsun 720 trucks, specifically 1982 and also 1985 Nissan Citation 21 foot RVs.


My email is gob@shaw.ca. Thank you

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