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Factory Datsun Steel Wheels


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Trying to get a matching set of factory Datsun steel wheels to go on my 521 (that are the correct vintage) and I'm having trouble finding good pics of stock wheels, so I'm starting this thread as a place to post pics of factory Datsun steel wheels that you need identified or pics of know factory Datsun Wheels that are known to have come on a certain model that can be used as a reference for others looking for the same type of information I'm in need of

To start things off, what are these?




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If the wheel center has round headed rivets holding the outer wheel to it those are early 320 wheels.  I cannot find my picture of them but I have at least one of these stashed.  I will dig it out and get pictures taken of it.


I will also edit this post with late 521 early 620 wheel pictures as they are the same wheel design.

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The tab is probably just a counterweight to minimize the use of balancing weights

The tab is an anti rotational device that mates with a dual tab on the wheel cover! It prevents slippage of the wheel cover and resultant imbalance of the mounted wheel and tire combo!  Which begs the question of why the tire shop does not balanct the new tire and wheel combo with the wheel cover installed.  I have personally known no difference with or without the wheel cover installed when the tires are balanced with new tires!  38 years of experience on my 411!

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so the early 320's never had a inter tube / valve stem. :confused:

Your reading this wrong. All the was said was 'if' the flat tabbed wheel had inner and outer parts held together with metal rivets than it was a early 320


Front (has valve stem)



Back (without rivets, so not the wheel type being discussed)


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