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Bracket on the back wall of a 620 cab


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Does anyone know what the bracket is for in the center of the back wall of the cab of a 620? I want to remove this to make room for a subwoofer box im making. It would easier to remove it than to build a box around it. It looks to be just spot welded on.




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I don't know... is it a King Cab?


My KC had some sort of support bracket on the outer under side, It was a '78 but the cab I had to swap for an earlier one. My '78 FSM shows it but it's not a separate part and spot welded in. The KC has quite an unsupported overhang to the rear. Just extra bracing???

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Regular cab then. Yup, my '78 FSM shows it but the cab in my '78 was swapped. It didn't have that but did have some kind of outside support to the frame on it. The cab I replaced the '78's with was either a '76 or '77 (I think) King Cab.


It's just support I imagine.

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Very odd that this only seems to be in certain trucks. Is there an accessory that came with these trucks that mightve utilized it? I see the spot welds on it and with a little time, im sure I could remove it. Visually, it doesnt seem to be doing anything really important.



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Unless  you're closer to 5' than 6' I can't imagine that you'd have much space for a fully enclosed enclosure in a standard cab 620. I'm guessing at most, you can fit four 8"s or two 10"s. Back in the day, we made enclosures that sealed against the back wall and floor of the cab of minitrucks, so we could get more enclosure volume and space for larger magnets. This way, we didn't need to worry about most brackets that protruded from the wall. 

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Im actually using some 6.5" subwoofers. I plan to run 6 of them in a built ported box. I have 2 6.5s back there now in a 5 1/4 deep ported box on about 800 watts. Sounds great. I have people guess what they think is back there after they hear them and Ive gotten, one 15, two 12's four 8's etc. LOL


I do like the idea of a box sealing to the cab. Did you have much rattle issues on the back wall when you did that?



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