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79 Datsun 280zx


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Hello, im new here and i'm having some technical wiring issues i cant seem to figure out.

1979 Datsun 280zx 2+2


On the fuse panel there is a fuse for 'Dome Light' it controls all interior lights including factory floor lights, spot light, engine light, dome light, and trunk light


This fuse keeps getting hot and melting the fuse i figured maybe corrosion on fuse box but i pull it out last night and no burnt wires no corrosion only some wierd black tar that i wiped off that looks like it came down the fender onto it. i tryed holding a fuse onto it and it gets hot but the wire going out isnt getting out just the fuse. (Maybe i didnt leave it in long enough?) i tryed jumping the power from another fuse to that fuse and same thing fuse gets hot enough to burn you with a quick touch & melt the solder on the fuse. ( It does not blow the fuse ). The radio fuse keeps blowing but thats a whole new circuit tryed different radio with same plug same thing. Ill rewire all that just need interior lights to stop getting burning hot before it melts the fuse box


So my question is any suggestions, or any ideas on this.

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Well, that i'm not sure of as far as i know only 1 light is on that the moment and thats drivers side floor light as passenger is unplugged to get to fuse box. Dome light does not have a bulb in it never has since i bought it. (ill make sure switch is off) and spot light is off. Have not checked to see if trunk light or engine light was on. I do know sometimes the fuse doesn't seem hot right away then 10 mins later its scolding and melting the solder on the fuse, with it sitting with the fuse in it will kill the battery down to nothing in less then 30 minutes from a full charge. Car has been on the streets 4-5 times since I've owned it, as i'm working on the restoration of the exterior. I'm actually driving it today since i decided it'd be fun to drive today, ill check around noon when i'm at lunch break.

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Headlights on high beams won't kill a good battery in half an hour so something is drawing power. The purpose of the fuse is to prevent more power from flowing through a wire circuit than it can safely handle.


Is the fuse the correct ampere rating? Maybe it was placed with something smaller.



Make sure those lights and everything on that circuit is off. Pull the fuse and check the circuit side with a test lamp. Clip one side of the test lamp to the 12 volt side of the fuse clips and touch the other clip, It should not light. If it lights or glows this means theer is a load drawing power.

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