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5 speed options?


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There were no 4 speeds after Nov '82 when the 720 switched to the Z24 engine. 720s used either the 26" or the 31.5" FS5W71B 5 speed to mid model year around Dec. '86 when production changed to the D21 Hardbody. The Hardbody uses a slightly longer FS5W71C 5 speed standard but in the late '80s there was a couple of years when a F4W71C 4 speed was offered.

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If from a truck KA, the transmission will be the closest length fit. Car (S13/14s) are much longer and the shifter will also be back farther too. You probably will have to have the drive shaft shortened anyway. Next problem is the speedometer. The later trucks and all car KA use a speed sensor and electric speedometer. You won't be able to run your speedometer cable. Possibly the speedometer sleeve from the early Hardbody will work.

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