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320 Part # Thread

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From Ted Heaton on Nicoclub forum:



Quick Guide to reading early Datsun Parts Numbers

The Datsun Part number is very useful after you learn to read it.
Some of the early parts manuals contained an elaborate explanation.
Here it is in brief. This number scheme was used up to the late 60s.
and is very helpful for the older Datsuns we have.

The Part # is 10 digits, SSFFF-TTTDD, with these odd titles.
SS is called Section.
FFF is called Proper NO. 
TTT is called Part Type.
DD is called Distinction.

SS is the number for a group of parts. For example #21 for the cooling system.

FFF is the number for a collection of similar parts within the Section. 
For example #400 is for Radiator parts within Section 21.

TTT is the number that identifies the vehicle that this part originated with. 
For example #087 is for the 320 truck. If you have a 320 part
with a Type other than #087 it means the part is from another Datsun but used on the 320.
For example #094 is for the Bluebird 312 Sedan which shares parts with the 320 truck.
This number is most useful for identifying interchangeable parts.

DD is the number for further refinement of the part to designate changes, kits etc
but I have never seen a table that relates the numbers to a description.

The TTT number and model of Datsun it identifies is included in all parts manuals.
The SS and FFF numbers are in most all of the parts manuals.
The explanation of all this is only in some of the early manuals.

Here is how the part number for the 320 round front signal lens/chrome ring reads.
26 is "electric section #5"
121 is "Lamps #1 Outside"
094 is the number for the 62/63 Bluebird 312 sedan.
01 indicates a "Parallel, changed or service" part, but which is not defined.
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Mike Klotz's Blue hands King Pin Disc Brake Kits.












Makes me wish I hadn't changed to a 720 chassis.  Damn fine Machining!!!

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I figured this is maybe the best place to post this so 320 owners would probably see it. I know there's a Craigslist/Ebay thread, but I seldom visit it.





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