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Another Orange b110Coupe on the Block.

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Hope You like it.


I hope I like it too.



Now let's stop hoping and see some pics of it.   :rofl:

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How embarrass was that. :blush: 

Well here we go.

I will take some more out of the storage when the weather allow me.

Been horrible in Sunny Florida.

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What he said ^^^. Very nice car. What are your plans? Going to keep it stock? Any planned upgrades?

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Thank You for your kind words.

Yes, it is  factory Stock, Everything replaced on the Orange coupe would be Factory OEM or reproduction.

The white one next to it will be Mod.

A15 with GX Head, SU Carbs,  5 speed. maybe a 4.11 or 4.30 rear Diff,

Mild cam, Open muffler right to the back of the door. Neighbors going to hate me. :devil:

Datsunfreak Car is sitting factory high. So, I guess I will keep it that way.

I got the TS front and rearspoiler, so the white one going to be really low. on a 185-60-13.

Want to build a time correct Modified coupe.

I used to race one on the late 80's

So those car bring back sweet memories to me.

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Yes Datsunfreak  it does sadly, But  I am  planing on take that out.

it does have a lot work left, Rust lot of it.

body outside looks decent. but floors and rear trunk are in preatty bad shape.

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The car is beautiful! :w00t:

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Thank You Fivetenguy.

Need to finish so minor details on it. Some of the warning or serivice decals arrive. Not going to put them yet, Would like to show it to the guys who going to do the rest of the labels, so can match

material and lettering.

Grrrrr last nite i screw my Steering Wheel.  Hit it with a extractor and chip..... Ohhh Live. Now back to sand and paint. Going to try to redo some place i miss...or wasn't perfect to re-mod standard.

Will see how it turn out.

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