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RAT'S with DAT'S Show & Swapmeet June 10,11,12 . presented by Datslocos Oregon


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Thanks for stating your view Steve .


I never wrote " you cant or dont have fun with your datsun without us " nor have I said it .


I have stated and proved , for us ( in Oregon ) that many people like having a fun run every month. And like being encouraging to use their cars and trucks more . And they are having fun doing it .


And in that process we have brought attention to the hobby in OUR area . And to ratsun for that matter . The proof is right here , in the members we encourage to come here ( Ratsun ) . People like rhino, hogie , brohemius , harlow , diego and many more that were not active here as members on ratsun before they began doing things with Datslocos Oregon .


I spent 10 + years in my area without one show or fun run . So what works for us doesn't mean it is ment to work for everyone. But I can assure you that we will keep having meets and fun runs and more shows.


Its a community , that I've tried to support over and over again. And I will continue to do so, because I love Datsun's and the people that own them .






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you lips are moving .. 



That's more than plenty, we all get it. I for one am getting bored of it. 




Thanks for stating your view Steve .


I never wrote " you cant or dont have fun with your datsun without us " nor have I said it .




That is exactly what you are implying, at least that's how it is being read, in the quote I posted previously. That is exactly how it reads to me. 



It's great that you want to promote the hobby 'in your area'. I will say though, I have been to a few shows/meets in Oregon in the last 10 years and I live in WA. So whether or not you went to them, they were happening. 



You have unintentionally (I know some may argue intentionally, but I don't believe that) disregarded anyone else that has been a part of the things, we, as a group of individuals do. 

I'm just letting you know what the perceptions are and that you might think about how you present you're club on an open forum. Hopefully everyone can get past this and Datsun. 



Again, I don't want an argument, if you want to discuss this further in PMs that would be better than cluttering this thread up any further. 

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Oh and I forgot to ask...who was doing burnouts on Friday night? Lol.....then fireworks broke out....hilarious



Rats with Dats was epic :thumbup:

I did a burn out Friday night. I don't have a video but I gotta couple pictures.




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