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RAT'S with DAT'S Show & Swapmeet June 10,11,12 . presented by Datslocos Oregon


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How far away is the closest gas station?

There's a gas station on Greenhill on corner with Hwy126 where you turn left...few miles east on Hwy126 there's a Super Wal-Mart couple more gas stations and bunch of other stuff, you'll see the Wal-Mart from the beltline on the left as you come up to the Hwy126 intersection...

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What everyone else got left? I need to build an exhaust, rewrap part of my harness, wire in my tach and horn, rebuild my brake master, shake down my truck, get the carb tuned the best I can, and possibly make a truck bed trailer. Although with two other trucks in my spot I'm not sure I'll have a need for the trailer.


Oh yeah, then clean everything. I've tried two different power washers in my engine bay, first one was electric so it didn't do much, gas one worked better but still wouldn't get certain parts off. So I'll be hand scrubbing most of the engine bay....fun.

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This is my short list


-Weber swap

-Alternator, Starter, distributor swap

-Replace windshield

-Exhaust touch up welds



I want to get the first 3 done this weekend plus some other little things and take it to work to do the rest

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oldyeller510 is working so motor aint going in until later. till then ive got some beer that aint gona drink its self

Do those shocks and wheels while the motor is out! Even though beer does sound better...

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I'm nervous..

Don't be nervous man, your truck did great last year and it'll do great this year!

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I have a very short list..


-locate my driver side arm rest (somewhere in my 510 boxes)

-install both door panels

-tape some wiring...maybe

-wash, dry and vacuum



All that won't happen til Thursday afternoon....I'm off to LA now so I can make it back Thursday early afternoon.

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Me n old yeller got the engine and tranny back it pretty quick.one of the holes for the oil pan took longer than expected to re tap but it happened. Also bought all new bolts and washers for the oil pan because another bolt broke last night for the timing cover. Tomoro I have to put in the dizzy n oil pump.I know I should have done it while out but ibput tje engine on the stand with the flywheel and the bolts from the stand wouldnt allow my to turn the engine over.No biggie though ill get it timed, my main concern os not leaking oil any more

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I'm more or less ready...although I just mapped out my weekend since I am doubling up and doing a family vacation too...LOL...OH MY!

Wife, 2 Kids 5yo boy & 8yo girl and Me in a 2 door 510 for 4 days and as much stuff as we can fit LMAO


Going to be Fun as Fuck actually! 



Epic!!!! That's what it's all about!, the awesome experiences life gives us that you and your family will always remember forever, little things like this that sticks and remains in our memories throughout time.....I remember being 6 and getting all 6 of us in an NSU my dad built in the 80s packed til there was no room for an ant to go camping at the races in Argentina....memorable family moments!

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I really need to finish my exhaust... And take it out for a shakedown! Holy crap time flies when you're Datsuning.

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