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RAT'S with DAT'S Show & Swapmeet June 10,11,12 . presented by Datslocos Oregon


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I'm not ready. I was befire last week but this week I'm not ready


Im actually glad the bearing failed now instead of on the trip . 


3 weeks to go



I cant believe we are almost there ! 

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ps. its okay if i bring a bunch of people on harleys and such

It doesn't say anything on the OP or the web page about 'no Harleys and such aloud'. There has been a rule decided that all non-Datsuns are not going to be allowed inside the gates for day of the event visitors. Day of the event Datsun vehicles are allowed in for the show and shine. The only non-Datsun vehicles that are going to be allowed in the gates will be those of people who have prepaid for the VIP camp spaces that are now sold out.
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I can't wait for this, i ran into Denmarkboy of all people yesterday at a little meet at rogue valley mall, laced me up with some stickers and my rats with dats shirt. Thanks again man!! Really looking forward to beingaround a bunch of rat heads!!!

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I never got my bag of goodess from Mr. Danmark. What you with that.

The rain came and it was near crazy around there. And I had it for you to. I will see you in a couple weeks. Sorry I spaced it out.


Great show this weekend !

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^^^^^What, what meet?

It was a little meet in Medford, denmarkboy was rollin back through and decided to stop at in n out which was righy by the meet, heard "betty white" rev up, and came over to say hey, it was pretty legit hahaha. Really looking forward to this gathering!!

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