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dutch carbs


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hi guys been a while since i posted..

im looking to upgrade my carburetter, as i want to make a bit more power 

looking at getting a weber 32/36 carb. im wondering if anyone has experience buying them in europe 

as well as an adaptor kit for it, can anyone recommend a good website/dealer?


also what are your thoughts/experience with carbs? should i look at getting a different one, what should i look out for is it the right choice?


ive been reading a bit on the datsun1200 tech wiki but i want too be sure 



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theres go to be a place near you soemwhere. Ask a place that does old British cars or Volkswagons


^that. Maybe something like Autobedrijf Kieft and Klock in Renkum? I believe they specialize in old VWs

old VW guys use them as much as we do.

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theres go to be a place near you soemwhere. Ask a place that does old British cars or Volkswagons

there's a few actually, but i wanted to research more before i talk to a shop and also too see if its a job i feel confident enough to do myself. 


there's an old car shop that specializes in only classic cars they service my uncles old p1800s and amazon volvos. 

but i would like too see that as an backup plan since its nearby and from what i hear he's like a classic car guru so i know i can always get help from them. 

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