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project '73 "no name yet" build


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First let me introduce myself. I am new to the whole datsun scene but have been eyeing it for some time, was always a honda fan having owned quite a few civics and del sols growing up. I have nothing against hondas i think they are great cars but looking for a project being in my thirties now i wanted something that was a little more classic but still an import. Thus begins this project. I picked up this orange primered jewel this past weekend. She was having an "engine overhaul" when she got backed into with a uhaul truck and she has been sitting for probably the past 2+ years not running. So we get her home only to find out the so called carb he couldnt find a gasket for was actually a carb for an auto and that he misplaced the carb nuts. we tinkered with her for a bit and after one night of wrenching we managed to somewhat get her running. I dont really have any long term goal for her yet but I will definately be keeping this build as active as i can. I look forward to joining the ratsun crowd.


Build plans thus far.

1 ~ get her running even if its a temporary engine.

2 ~ repair damage to body (rust / panels)

3 ~ suspension / brakes

4 ~ paint

5 ~ interior

6 ~ enjoy


Step 2 is where im hoping some of you guys and help me out. I live in Louisiana and i don't think these trucks really made it down here as much as they did on the west coast. I will definately be needing a fender and few other odds and ends the fender being the main one i cannot track down, so pointing me in a certain direction and any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


Here are a few pictures just to give you guys an idea of what i am starting with.








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Well I was pretty much screwed by a seller on a complete front end. Basically told me he had a front end and was supposed to be checking on shipping for me only to respond to a text saying he sold the front end so on the hunt again for that passenger fender. I did make some progress this weekend though. Cut off the old core support.20160130_160530.jpg

Found out rust wasn't as bad as I originally thought, and have a good template to go by from the driver side.


I also quickly clamped on the new core just to get an idea of fitment and I'm pretty happy with it considering it is a repop.20160130_161525.jpg

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Started this weekend off with a little late night metal fab. Still need to fab fender cab mount and welded in but I'm happy with the fitment. I am getting closer and closer to needing these front end parts that people say they have, but never report back with any kind of price. Ehh, what to do.


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Okay guys and girls I haven't had any updates as of lately but I have been making slow progress. I just removed all glass yesterday so it got me searching for glass. Now I just found somewheres a few months ago that had the front windshield both blue and brown tint on the top well searching the web yesterday they are nowhere to be found. Any suggestions?

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