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New Member; 72' Wagon.


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Picking up my new 72' Wagon next month, found out that this wagon once belong to ZHent on here while researching. Always wanted to own and build a 510, sedan or wagon. Car doesn't run, the current owner says what sounds like a dropped valve.


Here she is: 









Priority plans for the 72' Goon:

 - sr20det swap

     - don't know which radiator or intercooler to run yet (still researching)

     - few swap parts will come from McKinney

     - hoping both harness are good still lol 

     - gt2871r (have a gt28rs in my MR2, can never go wrong with the good ol' disco  potato!)

 - Ford 8.8 rear end swap (31-spline)

     - figuring out how much the off-center is and how much to actually cut off (still doing research)

     - still figuring out which gear to run, 3.55 or 3.73

 - still don't know which route to go for the suspension yet 

     - car has 280z front struts and brakes, so might go with coilovers in the front 

     - decamber the leafs 1" maybe? idk (still doing research on the leaf spring)



Any suggestions on what I could or should do would be helpful! Thanks!


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Dropped valve? Like fell out? It wouldn't run.


If it is valve related likely the lash isn't set right. Even more likely that it's a simple blown head gasket.



If it has 280zx struts it sure is sitting high, looks stock height. You can't swap them in without changing the spring and it's unlikely someone would go to that much work without addressing the ride height. Even so it probably is adjustable as is. Have a look, take the wheel off the front.


You've done engine swaps before?


Lower the back with blocks between the diff and the spring. Two inch blocks on back and dial the front down to match.


Damn that look straight. Fix the gasket and just drive it.

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I live in DFW area of Texas, the wagon is about a 4 hour drive from where I'm at -- I haven't looked at it person, but I'm trusting the owner on this one. But I would like to take the head off and see what is going on, as I would drive it as if around town until I can find a s13 SR20DET in relatively good condition. 


As for the 280z front strut, I'm going off what the PO is telling me and going through ZHent's old posts reading what he's done to it. 


I've only ever helped my friends with motor swaps, 3VZFE and 2GR into MR2s, and an LS1 in my buddy's Miata. -- but I've never sat in the garage and took out out by myself, always had friends around to help or vice versa with them. 


Thanks! I am hopping it's just a blown head gasket. 

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These are all easy things you can d,o that may fix the problem or point to what the problem is, without taking anything apart that doesn't need to be taken apart.


Take valve cover off an set/check the valve clearances.

Take the plugs out and look at them. They are a window to what is going on inside the combustion chamber. What does each one look like?

Do a compression test of the cylinders. What are the readings? All about the same or one lower than the rest?

Set the idle mixture.

Does it have points in it? Clean/file set or replace then..

Set or check the ignition timing.


Now drive it around, better? If not what does it do?


The S13/14 didn't come with SR engines, in fact there have been no RWD SR cars brought to N America, so you would have to find one that someone has previously swapped. Then you have to ask yourself... "why would they sell it"???? Better to save up and get a fresh import from Japan with low mileage and a guarantee of some sort. Don't forget you also need a transmission and all the electronics to make it work. A tall order. Better just drive it for a while and maybe later look at a KA24DE swap.

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I cant see how the last owner cant fix soemthing this simple in a couple of hours on a Lmotor

This car is pretty much intact.

Why dont you get it running first before think about a SR swap to see if you even capable of handling soemthing like this.


less than 300 bucks I bet you can have a daily driver and just be done with it. Lower it and some wheels and be just as COOL Car. SR20 or not    looks great and would love to have a wagon like this.


proiorty plans ? How much you make a year/Save ect?????

Only 10 percent actually finnish these tasks so THINK before you do.



get the timming chain wedge(just buy one) set to TDC and pull the head (and 2 10mm bolts up front and go for it.)


olddatsuns.com the tech section.



I seen back plug wire , lash pad fell off or burnt valve  if no compression



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Mike, it's just riding high because there is no battery in there...


Great looking car.  There is absolutely no reason to jump into an engine swap.  Drive it and work on it with the L20 until all the cosmetics and small stuff is just how you want it.  Have fun.  


Is this an Auto?

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The owner says it's an L16 from the 620, maybe y'all can tell me otherwise? By "priority" -- I meant as in, "list of more important detailed things for the future," as I'm sure y'all don't want to hear all the little details of what I want to do the the interior, how I want the engine bay painted, etc. The motor swap isn't scheduled to mid/late next year due to the girlfriend wanting to go on a month vacation and still finishing minor things on my MR2 and wanting to still build my Jeep Wrangler lol. 


The original plan is to tune up the motor, order some new door panels from T3 (speaking of door panels, I'm assuming the rear door of the goons and sedans are a match, right?), get some Corbeau seats or maybe just try to fit my stock mr2 seats in there, reupholster the rear seats and vinyl the new panels, etc.


Here are some pictures of the interior. 










that sub-box is definitely going to have to go lol, radio is missing but that's not a big deal for me, interior needs a little touch up, depending on how the dash is -- kind of want to do the aluminium sheet dash that I've seen on a few of the posts here, really dig that. 

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I did not, a buddy of mine were gonna buy it as a package deal -- but he ended up bailing on me, with good reason, because he just didn't have the storage space while he finishes up his E30.


But if anyone is interested in that other wagon, let me know and I'll text him to see if it's for sale. All the parts are there, just disassembled and a little bend where the front valance meets the fender by the driver side headlight. 

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Datsunfreak is in Texas he should look at this.


yes buff it out and roll it and youll see how many people will love seeing this car. Well in Seattle area yes dont know Texas as they dont like jap cars it seems like in midwest

Put some boss hog style horns on the front and a gunrack in the the backwindow and then it will be texafied.

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It's been three years. Did you ever fix up my old wagon?


The motor was actually an L18, and yes, the intake valve on cyl #2 is gone, dropped into the piston and I didn't have the time to fix it. Sold both the '72 and the '71 pictured next to it as a package deal with a whole garage full of spares, everything to rebuild both if necessary.

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