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whats up? i'm new!

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hello Ratsun fam,

i finally signed up and made an account. ive been skimming the pages for days at this point and figured i needed to join the community.

i picked up a '82 diesel maxima 910 several months back and have been fixing it up slowly. i picked it up with 205k miles. it had its issues but it runs just fine and most of the minor issues i have fixed already. 

I wanted to make it known that i will be in the market for parts and pieces for this bad girl.

I will post pictures soon.


also for you other ld28 owners, i know people have been saying they are getting about 28 mpg, but i have yet to break 23 mpg. anyone got any info, tips, recommendations or what not to help improve that number? even a solid average 24 mpg would make me happy. 23 is an achievement. i do tend to drive city roads more often that highways also. and i drive like an granddad.


looking forward to hearing from other 1st gen maxi pilots out there in the bay!



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Welcome to Ratsun, Ian.


Just so you know if looking to buy or sell is must be done strictly in the classifieds section. There's a link near top of every page just below the RATSUN.NET logo.


The other thing is you really should post up some pictures of your Maxima.




Crappy mileage is likely an adjustment.

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hey mike! right on! no worries im going to make sure i read the entire ratsun rules before i make any posts :D

and i'll get on posting pics asap (im on my work computer right now slacking off super hard)


heres what i have online...


right after putting on some enkei 92's:picture_zps7y2sw34x.jpg


double maxi: 



sorry if those are huge on people screens.

more to come.


-geoff (not ian btw lol)

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needs way moar low. where do i get a pair of low?

the rear is saggin like an ol' lady. makes the front look tall af.

and yup thats my moped.

under powered rides ftw.


going to be throwing in a new alternator tonight hopefully (tomorrow if not).

my battery has been getting over juiced and ive already replaced the old one after it started to smell like death.

im a little worried about the vacuum pump as ive never messed with those before.... thank god for forums like this cuz the fsm doesnt really say shit about it.

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well after reading up on the endless post on coolant filters i have decided that is a great idea and i could greatly benefit from one.

my radiator is super murky right now and im a bit concerned. every now and then the temp gauge will get pretty high and ill have to top off the rad.

going to have to source a leak somewhere and do a major flush. not sure how yet since i dont even have access to a garden hose!


ended up not swapping out alternator yet cuz of the rain. so its on this weekends to do list.

are there any warnings people might have in regards to the removal and replacement of the vacuum pump?



Crappy mileage is likely an adjustment.



datzen mike, 

im interested in this adjustment you are referring to for mileage. im assuming its a timing issue? 

are there any bay area folks who may be able to help me out? never timed an engine before. :/

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