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orange B110 coupe


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Thanks, She is  long long long way to be like Yours. Those tires look sooo good. Did you get it with the lettering or painted it yourself?



Had my vinyl guy make a stencil, then spray painted them on. 


Have since learned of these guys, so will try that next.



Now let's stop hijacking this thread...    :rofl:

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Now let's stock hijacking this thread...    :rofl:


:rofl:  Honestly it does not bother me one bit when these threads get side tracked or go off in a tangent, especial when it's totally Datsun related.



Sorry so true this is about Fivetenguy Coupe.

And so far he is doing such a great Job. Love the light mod he is doing. Suspension looking sweet.

Are You planing to keep the A12?


Thanks for the complements. I'm planning on leaving the A12 for as long as I can or once I need a bit more power :devil: . My dimes are KA and SR powered and I love that about them. The plan for the coupe was to have it capable of handling well and not worry so much about speed.


As far as progress for the week, I got the car aligned yesterday. Now just waiting on insurance so I can pay my good buddies at the DMV for the tags.

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Basically all the labels on the car you have on it Fiveguyten, 

Hate to bother You, You been so busy with Your coupe.

Could You email me the pictures?

I think there is a limited  pixels you can posted here. I need those on the highest resolution possible.



Sent you the pics you requested.

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Thank You sooo much for the pictures my friend.

So Basically the A12 is going to be there for ever!!! Those are bullet proof. :rofl:

Wish i can find a coupe.( sorry) another coupe in that condition. 

Keep the good work. :thumbup:

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Little hard to tell from the oics, but are the new rotors vented, or solid? The project is looking fine so far - keep up the good work!

They are vented and thanks for the complement.


Moving slow on the car so far. Dragging my feet on lowering the rear of the car. I already placed an order with Datsport for new gaskets about a month ago. Still waiting for those. Also, planning on swapping in the front seats from my 510. As you've seen, the front seats are shot on the coupe. I bought some BMW E46 front seats for my dime.



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Still not much progress. Finally removed the driver seat from the 510 and mocked it up in the little guy. Still need to get new panels for the driver's door and right rear behind the passenger. They are shot.





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These do not bolt on. I'm going to have to fab something up.

I am in the same situation. I tried amending the stock rails but looks real shabby.


I was thinking of making custom rails from steel flat bars.

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Did those seats bolt right in? Anyone know good seat swaps that require no modification whatsoever?



I am in the same situation. I tried amending the stock rails but looks real shabby.


I was thinking of making custom rails from steel flat bars.



FYI, I used 240Z seats that were very easily adapted. It could be done with two pieces of steel flat bar stock to adapt the 240Z seat base to the 1200 rails. 


On mine, I welded in 3/4" square tubing and drilled holes in that for the 240Z seat. 



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Looking really Good Fivetenguy. Are you going to refurbished the whole interior?



I just want to get good used door panels or get some made. The dash is not too bad. It only has one small crack on it. The rear seats will have to be reupholstered. They are beyond salvagable. Still have not made the brackets needed to make the front seats work. Still lots left on this car. Currently hitting up some of the forum members for parts needed.

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Hey, Fivetenguy been quite lately. Just do the cards boards and redo it.  it is hard to get some panels on decent shape.  If you going to do the seats, just do the panels and it will end up all looking the same. I planning that for one of the coupe, have them make the pattern on stitches. I saw a picture somewhere of that and it looks really good.

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Icgarcia, I'm going to do what you suggested with the cards. I'm just waiting on 2 metal pieces that go on the cards so I can cut the card out and go to an upholstery shop and get some design done. Might as well get the back seat done while they're doing the cards.

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Hi guys. I need some help. I am putting a 60a 5spd trans into the coupe but I have what seems like a problem. The clutch fork/lever has about 14mm of travel before it touches the pressure plate. This isn't normal, right? Do I need to get a longer release bearing carrier or should I just shim the pivot point?


I got the trans from a 1980 210 wagon with a 14a. I'm using the bearing carrier it came with. Using a new exedy clutch for an '80 210. Thanks in advance.

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With the L motors you use the bearing collar from that matches the pressure plate. Not the tranny. I'm assuming thats the case here as well.

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That's right. That's what I get from what I've read. I am using the bearing, sleeve and fork from the 60 trans.


After reading on the 1200 website I learned that the flywheel on the 12a is "thinner" than the 14a/15a flywheels. Therefore you have to shim the release bearing about 5mm closer to the flywheel. I ended up ordering a stainless steel washer about 6mm thick and with a 40mm ID, which is the OD of the bearing sleeve. I'll take pics and post them if it works out.

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I have a thread on this same subject......but never finished it.

Some of the things I have tried/stumbled across:

1. Several years ago, took a 5spd out of a 210 Coupe....bolted it in the 1200 and drove it.  Did not switch t/o collar or anything.

2. Most recently tried the exact same thing and the nut on the slave cylinder had to be adjusted all the way out to barely make contact.

3. Most(if not all) 210's have a plate between the block and trans (about 1/8" thick) and I have not determined if the plate needs to go with the trans or be cast aside.  My thinking is that I did not use it on the one I did several years ago as the thin plate from the 56A trans (covers just the lower part where the flywheel is exposed) has larger holes drilled in it.

4. I now have at least 5 t/o collars, all from either 60 series or 56 series trannys, and each one appears to be different.

5. I have thought about putting a shim in the pivot point, but getting the pivot out seems to be a bitch.


I gave up doing this to the green car and am now trying on the gray car (had to have at least on Datsun to drive) and have come to a road block while looking to find that little copper gasket that goes between the slave cylinder and the rubber hose.  I know I have about 6 of them.....just trying to find them.


Very interested to see the pics of the washer you are getting.

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