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Datslocos 12th Annual 2016 Datsun/Nissan Carshow/Swapmeet May 21st


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Got my new tires on (sorry, didn't get a pic for the pic whores), gonna slam some breakfast, wash my bucket and then I'm off like a prom dress.

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Anyone interesting interested in some decals? I can make more but I want to see what you all like and would like. I need to sell these to raise money for me and my girls cross country move. I can make any of them in any of the colors seen but red sorry I have no more

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Sick cars. Sick event. Sick weather. Thanks gino and all who put it together


Probably biggest datsun gathering in california. And growing each year

No prob bro our pleasure thanks for coming out to hang.
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Wanted to say thanks to everyone that showed including all vendors and our Rc Drift buddies, also thanks to all the locos and judges that helped out. And a huge thanks to our locos that came to visit all the way from Oregon. It was a great turn out thanks to everyone that made the trip. It was an awesome day. Will do it again soon.

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I have 72 pictures and 5 videos . Geno my brother and the Datslocos cali crew made me feel at home, I had a great time .


The turnout was amazing , the hot wheels booth , rc car guys and and all the cool cars and trucks . 


We got threw most of the day without rain . I have to admit that little rain shower would scare the guys up here . It rain for 10 mins and the rainx was flyin around like crazy .  lol . 


so I am posting these in no order , except the first one and the last one. 



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