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L18 Intake manifold flange for bike carbs


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I was doing a little bit of researching on some older threads and it looked like there were no intake mani flanges being made. I was wanting to check and see if this is still the case. I have some bike carbs I want to put on my L16. My other question while I am here is how would I run the vacuum advance. I assume I would only have to tap one runner, but I don't want to assume.


Thanks guys.

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You have an '83 720 but an L18???


Two different intakes, but I don't think anyone makes them. Easy enough to do if you have a welder. If you know someone with a TIG welder just cut an L intake where the double pipes become single and weld aluminum pipes on the open ends.

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WOW!! I never updated my info and my thread is just all over the place, huh? I have a 521 with the stock L16. Thanks Mike. At any rate my dad has an extra intake mani that I am going to make a flange template from. I'm going to do that so I don't have to cut up an intake. I have a thing about cutting up parts with no replacement being produced. Can you change my thread title to L16 rather than L18 please?

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You can use any sidedraft manifold for twin webers.

Just need the rubber flanged boots that used to be used on snowmobile engines, and some Mikuni (or other) carbs of your choice.


You will need to go to a cable throttle set-up, like the 620 has.

Carbs are all over eBay in the snowmobile section, and typicly go for $100 for a set of 4.

These are like 36mm if I remember correctly, but I have now picked up a set of 38s for my L19 (L18, w 3mm over bore).



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