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I Can't find brake adjuster retainer clip!


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Hi guys,


I'm having trouble finding online or in store, the clicp retainer for the brake ajuster that are on a Datsun 620 1977 rear drum brakes. Those adjuster keeps on falling, I've tried to grab them like previous owner with cables (it's bad i know) but it's not enough. I tried Rock Auto but I don't find the part. Do any of you know the part number or the kit.


Thank you for you help. And happy new year!!



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All three C shaped


41213-04100... spring retaining adjuster. This is the first or bottom one with slightly curved ends point up

41214-04100... plate lock Faces the opposite direction, first interlocks with this one

41215-08000... shim. Same as the above one, same direction

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Thank you for stopping by, I know its new years eve and you guys took your precious time to help me! Wish you the best for 2016!!!!



I was searching the whole day for the parts, due to the 10 pack ones >_> (41214-04100). I found out this website:




In that website they sell it individually, but the page doesn't look as legit. But took an order still, I hope I don't regret it. (@flatcat19 Thank you!, sadly I bought before re looking at the post u_u; but if they don't I'll buy you a pair)


Btw 10 packs!!! slry!?? It's draining life essence from my wallet. But who said, the path of the Datsun was easy... bummer. I've not bought the other parts I'm still searching. That other page that it doesn't look as legit, I want to make sure they arrive, they do sell it individually there. Also since I'm on vacations I hope I'm able to fix my truck, so I have it ready when I return to work.








Thank You !!! !! GUYS!!!

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