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Hey Oregon folks


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"Portland is 3 hours north of Springfield. Just to give you an idea."


If you stop for lunch somewhere for an hour, or have to be in traffic until you are south of Portland.



Like all of i-5 all the way past Wilsonville. 


PDX Airport to Eugene, Or is about 130 miles. 

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It's 2 hours to springfield most days.. avoiding the 5pm traffic in portland.


Take a bus:





Portland Airport (PDX) to Eugene (U of O) Phoenix Inn Type Price per Adult (One Way) $60.00 Senior 55+ (One Way) $57.00 Student (One Way) $57.00 Adult (Round Trip) $112.00 Senior 55+ (Round Trip) $112.00 Student (Round Trip) $112.00
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Flying into Eugene is expensive because it's a small airport, a bus ticket it $12 from Portland to Eugene, then public transportation goes all over Eugene and Springfield since they're pretty much the same place. Even though it's the next town over technically, it's pretty much the same place, i5 cuts it down the middle. I can get to Portland in under an hour and a half from my house in south Eugene, the bus takes about 2 hours because the station is downtown.

If you come in on a Tuesday or Wednesday I could potentially take you from the bus station to your destination in Springfield.

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Holy shit!!  i have seen those buses a million times,, i would have never guessed they were a open to the public non-stop service..  I looked up their rates and they are pretty damn cheap for what you get really.


Always wrote off good deals  that far south as i hate riding any kinda of public transportation because of all the stops.



Or the BoltBus. Unlike Amtrac or Greyhound, its a straight shot between Portland and Eugene. Also price goes down when the bus is about to leave if its not full. My old coworker found a ticket for $3 once

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