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DeEjAy LeGaCy 5150

1966 roadster ,help rewiring chewed cables .

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whats good ratsun community ! does anyone have the wiring diagram for the 66 1600 roadster ? i order the service manual but it will take a couple of days to get here . i don't even know if it will be in there . i google searched for it  but didn't find anything specific for it . thanks in advance 

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Look in the tech wiki on www.311s.org. All the diagrams for every year are there. I print the color ones two feet wide and put them against the windshield when I am working on wiring.

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You may also want to try the local pick-n-pull and search for any early Datsun. The wire colors is what you're looking for. Remove the entire freaking thing from under the dash and use it to repair the one in your roadster. I've actually made my wire harness reflect the wire schematic you just printed. The harness under the dash is is actually really small and tidy once it's loomed-up and all the break-outs just right.. It only took a weekend to re-wire dash. This may be easier in the long run. Kitchen table works just fine.

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