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Boosted DD 76 B210


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So my dad handed me the keys to his first car. A 1976 Datsun B210. I was around 16 when i got the car now four years later im ready to start a build. The car still runs after sitting for almost 18 years but of course I want to do an engine swap. Ive been looking around but I can never find much on the 210's mostly 510 stuff. I was thinking about going with a Rb25det or the Sr20det. Any suggestions?

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First, welcome to Ratsun.

Second, where are the pictures of your B?

Third. Better to just drive and enjoy it for a while. You can think about an engine swap while first getting the car sorted out. The B-210 is nice and light but so is the suspension, brakes and the drive train. It's just not going to survive three times the power and you won't either. Stopping is the most important thing. Handling is next important and provids accident avoidance. The two together are better than each separately and a good way to stay out of trouble. Look at some of the B-210 builds and projects for ideas. 280zx struts and brakes and stiffer rear springs are a good start. The H-150 rear end is a bit light. Try to find an H-190 from an '82-'83 S110... has disc brakes too.



RB25DET sounds wonderful. The problem is it won't fit, don't even go down that road. SR20 is doable and there are probably a few Bs with them in it. They aren't cheap and there are no parts for them at NAPA. Why not a KA24E or DE? Lots of turbo options and support.     

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Thanks to all for the welcome. Pics are to come in a week or so im in Hawaii and the car is in Georgia. Ive actually been looking into the ka24de but I want to find one on the island to avoid paying for the motor and paying a large chunk in shipping.

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