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Good deal for a datsun521?

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I'm looking at a 1970 Datsun 521 its $2000 the guy said he put new brakes,tires, went through the entire fuel system. It has 112,000km on it or70,000miles
Also it supposedly has been converted to an electric fuel pump and it had two new seats I would post pictures but cant figure out how(lol darn computers) It has floor pan rust  which apears to be almost through, rocker panel rust but not much, and fender rust.

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Welcome to Ratsun.


Canada is hard on Datsuns, I know. I had a '71 truck and every year there was patching to do. Found fiberglass front fenders for it even. My B-210 simply dissolved away. If it's in good shape and runs well I'd say the price is right. About the mileage...


Early Datsuns odometers only go to 99,999 before 'going around' to 00,000 and starting again. It's very very unlikely this truck has 70K on it. More likely 170,000. So don't let the mileage be the deciding factor. Take a look at the driver's side seat for holes, brake pedal wear on the rubber pad, does the driver's door drop when opened, broken horn ring, knobs and switches. The longer it was on the road the more chance that there were electrical problems that were terribly repaired..  for example a push button on the dash for the horn, wires hanging down from the dash... stuff like that. But hey, welcome to the world of owning a keeping a vintage automobile on the road.


The 521 is probably one of the toughest trucks ever made for it's size. There are probably hundreds of years of 520/521 experience here so don't be afraid to ask, if you have any questions. I assume the truck is driveable? Be sure to drive it. It's the only way to assess the handling/suspension/brakes/engine/electrical and drive train. Drive it long enough to be sure it does not over heat. Be sure to restart it several times once warmed up. Do the gauges, signals, headlights, wiper and heater work. The heater is the most important thing. I survived 8 Ontario winters in a 521 but not because of the heater but in spite of it.


When you get it, post some pictures of it. If it needs work or you plan to restore/modify it start a build thread in the Project section.

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everything he said! Lol... If it runs and drives, brakes make it stop OK, and there is only limited rust. The price is worth it. I guess the biggest thing is are you prepared to work on a car? Even if it had 5 miles on it I'd ask this because the parts are 40+ years old and it's going to need most of them replaced or tinkered with in time. I guarantee after buying it the alternator, starter, slave cylinder, radiator, and or carburetor will go or be having issues. And if none of that sounds too daunting, well good, you are ready to be a Datsun owner ;).

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I don't want to contradict anyone but I owed 2 520's as a teenager back in the late 70's an actually had one which my father gave me that he owned from day one. He was the 6th person to buy one in southern California and I drove it until 1978 or until I bought my first King cab. Never had issues except the brakes. Guess what I am saying these are one of the most dependable trucks you can ever buy.

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