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my strut assemblies are bent


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That would take drifting into a curb to do that. Post a picture.



Is this the stock 510 strut??? If so you are eventually going to want to upgrade to something that has lower ride height and better brakes anyway. Maybe look for some 80sx struts. If you have them you should have included this information.



Does it have the stock oil bath dampers or have they been replaced with inserts? I'm guessing the oil bath as they are a larger diameter and more likely to jam if the strut tube is bent.

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A hundred a side isn't bad! Do you have a brake booster? If yes you may find your brake pedal is now very soft because more fluid is needed to move the larger caliper. I'm running a 15/16" on my 710 with 84 Maxima calipers. Love it.

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OK COOL ILL KEEP THAT IN MIND .. i bought a shell im putting everthing together now....only have had the car 3 weeks and already got a new cross member , motor , trans, rearend, half shafts, now the whole strut assemblies. all new glass all the way around and looking for tailights as we speak

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