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Willard's words of Wisdom


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I started drawing these a while ago and, they tend to help my days stay positive and give me a chance to spend time in my own thoughts for a while, before i go about my day.


I'm sharing with you guys as I would like to hear some of your words of wisdom, and maybe incorporate them into my art. 


However I do ask that this thread doesn't become a random google quote dump, If you feel you have some gumption to add than great, i would love to hear it. 


also i would like to try and keep this for the most part clutter free, and sort of like a daily column, and while i don't mind discussion in here, lets keep it on the subject, thanks.  :thumbup:  


given the size of the book i draw in, i cannot write paragraphs, so try to keep your inspiration short-er.  enjoy





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