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engine swap troubles


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Ok got my 85 720 2wd kc with bad z24. Trying to drop in my good z24 from my 83 2wd kc. Used the engine brackets from 85 because dowels were in different spots. However only one side is wanting to line up at a time. Is there certain points to hang the engine from or something else that i might be doing wrong? The truck is on the ground and passenger side is connected with the engine dangling on the picker.

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I frequently have to set the engine down and pick it up from a different spot so that the engine rotates a little bit. Leave the other side very loosely connected and then try to rotate the motor. I've also used a ratchet strap from the engine to my picker to pull the engine around.

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I can't find any differences between any Z24 L or R brackets or rubber isolaters.


The frame forms a V with the threaded parts impossible to drop the engine vertically down onto. You could have the brackets and rubber isolators on the block (loosely) and then lower onto the frame, lining the mounting bolt holes up OR mount the rubber and brackets to the frame (loosely) and slide the engine down between to line up the bracket holes to the block. Most try to join the bracket to the rubber isolators and so have to pry them to get the threaded stud in the bracket hole. It's a pain.  

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