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85 nissan with feedback carb

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i have a 1985 nissan 720 with the z24 engine. I purchased the truck recently with the head off for a blown head gasket it was already disassembled. I had head machined put the head back on it going to junkyard today to get the intake manifold bolts i was missing and a couple timing cover bolts. It has the eletronic feedback carburator "has o2 sensor" im wondering what kinda issues im gonna run into with this carb?  can i delete all vacumn except vacumn advance like a federal emissions truck any feed back would be appeciated.. im kinda on a budget with it.  thanks

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The round electrical plug at the back is problematic, or I shoulr day the wires can be. Nissan made them too short ans every time they are moved it increases the chance of one breaking internally. The ECU needs input from the carb sensor so if it starts acting up try wiggling the wires.


Terrible gas mileage is an indication that the system has reverted to the 'limp home' position when there is a problem. This forces a programmed rich mixture and prevents the possibility of a severe lean condition that could harm the engine when a problem occurs.


The ECU (I think under the driver's seat) has a diagnostic mode setting and a red and a green LED that flash a code to indicate any fault conditions. (like a faulty O2 sensor)

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There is California and Federal emissions. If you are not in California and the truck is not from California... it's already Federal. Just buy tubing and replace? The diagram is on a sticker on the underside the hood. Some of those hoses contribute to better mileage and smoother running.

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Shaving everything vacuum from the engine will help you only in one way. It's easier to assemble. If your carb is in good condition, then replacing all the vacuum lines will allow everything to do its job. You will run cleaner, and get the best gas mileage available. Deleting them only serves a real purpose if switching to a carb that doesnt need or use all those controls.

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