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Looking for pics of LHD A series with dual side drafts


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I know this is difficult with the MC in stock location. Been searching on datsun1200.com for some. Searching all the pics there is a pain!


I know an engine swap is better for more power, but I ain't gonna get rid of the A series for weight reasons. I plan on an A14 or A15 with the usual mods, bolted up to my 5 speed. Want to try some auto cross at some point. Anyway, someone has to have done it, just can't find pics to see what was done with the brakes. Anyone point me to some?

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This a factory Hitachi dual carbs on an A15.

I thought I had picture of the #24 car with dual Mikuni's and and 1200 GX side draft manifold- but can't find photo. But carbs fit and so do first three air funnels, however not enough room for last air funnel because of the body of the brake master cylinder sticking too far into the engine bay for clearance.

The 1200 site is a little tough finding left hand drive car with carb set-up you are looking for.

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Because of the brake M/C, no room for air filter/funnels.


Manifold built at an angle, dual throttle cables?? But clears the M/C.


Yea bike carbs, but their solution- move the M/C WAY forward and use a long rod.


Or build a box and mount down drafts...


Or these would present a unique solution, and more challenges. This is one ugly post!


Perhaps a compromise, to a single side draft. I just agreed to buy and install one of these... I just know it won't just "bolt-up".

And which header will work with this one...can you say modification??

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Move the motor over to the right by one inch. This can be done by cutting up the motormounts. Then everything will clear including the air filter. This even helps the corner weights.


What he said. Not too tough to do, and there's plenty of room to move it over. The A14/A15 won't just bolt right in, so since you're making custom mounts anyway...   :thumbup:


Single pot mc versus dual pot help any?


Might help a bit, but wouldn't be very safe...

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