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Plasma Table - Want to buy, need input

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It's time for me to buy a plasma table. As of now, I either cut out all my parts by hand or I have a local shop make parts for me. I was wondering if anyone here on Ratsun either owns or uses a plasma table and what kind of input you guys may have for me to help me make an informed purchase. I have a budget of about $15K.


Thanks in advance.

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Thanks Rjawm. I have heard of them, but never priced them.


I've called all my shop owning buddies, and they all say that for the price, the Torchmate is a good value.


Obviously there are extra things that I would like to have, but I have to stick to a budget. I can upgrade later.

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Torchmate headquartered here in Reno ( you could come here and check them out/demo), they where bought out by Lincoln but they left them in Reno as a standalone company. As you said they are a good value.  I ran into Jim Colt at SEMA,( he works for Hypertherm for like 30+ years and is the guru when it comes to plasma cutting) , he was demoing a table that he is working on that is using servo motors that was very impressive. You could try contacting him and find out the details. As I said, he has been around a long time and has a few tables at his house that he has played with, so he knows what works and what doesn't. 

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I'm gonna plug torch-mate. My buddy has a 4 x 8 in his shop and it runs really smooth. He has the router head adapter and a vacuum platen for working with plastic. Very versatile. 


Im not sure but I think he upgraded to some high rez servos for better control too.

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I was drawn to the vertical table that Burntables offers.  Kinda cool to save floor space in a tight shop.  A lot of plans have changed over the last year, so that's not as important of an option anymore.


Gotta admit, I am interested in doing more research on the Torchmate now though.  Seems like it might be a bit more versatile.

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Look at the Archlight stuff.  Built in Bend,OR.  I am a partner in AdamsandHood.com, and we have a 5x10 with an 85 amp unit.  Cuts 1" like butter.  Also have the pipe roller attachment and the engraving option.  Great customer service. Never misses a beat and makes us money all day long.  Check out our website.  We are already looking for a 3rd full time fabricator and about to out grow our current shop space. 

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