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SU cable linkage


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I looked around and saw different mods people have done, but they seemed a little crazy. So with Mike klotz help.  He showed me a bolt and I modified it by simply grinding flat spots and sliding a stock hitachi cable holder on it, then drill a hole for the retaining screw.  Cost me around $12 for the set up.  http://www.mcmaster.com/#92981a308/=104naaa



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I put mine at the other end, that way I could use the screws on the post to mount my throttle cable holder.


I made my end from a pulley off of a hangglider.


The other end.


My throttle cable mount is made from a piece of 90 degree angled piece of metal that I twisted, it has been working great for 20 years now.


The mount screws for the cable holder.


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My throttle cable mount is basically almost straight up, at least an inch away from the dome.

I used a 510 air box filter, but I hacked it up to make it fit, one could just make 2 flat pieces of metal to fit the SUs and put a filter between them.

I saw a glimps of your setup,but wasnt sure of the brackeg. To me the SU dome is in the way. Ill be connecting mine off my cold air intake setup. I heard the stock airbox is a tight squezz

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