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Oil blowback in Air Filter/Housing

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My '81 210 has been blowing oil back into his air filter and housing for the past few months.  I've tried everything to address this issue, from replacing the pcv valve, to readjusting his valves (something he needed regardless), but he keeps eating air filters.  Any advise on this issue?  Please advise.

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Just on the off chance check to see if your oil level is too high. If changed or oil added recently it may have been over filled. Check the dip stick.




Internally there is a fog of oil droplets from spinning engine parts. This is normal. Also normally any openings like the valve cover have baffles to allow the droplets a surface to collect on and drip back into the oil pan. The problem is when the engine ages and produces more 'blow-by' past the worn rings. So much air is blowing through the baffles that the oil just get dragged and pushed along with it. 


Unfortunately there is very little that you can do about blow-by without replacing the cause... worn out rings. What you can do is (I can't believe I'm saying this but...) take the valve cover hose off and connect it to a catch can to collect this blown out oil. Some catch cans can be elaborate being more of an extension of the valve cover baffle that collects the oil. A good set up will direct the remaining oil free air back to the carb throat so that the annoying fumes are run through the engine and burned.


The catch can will also collect water as well so up to you if/how you want to just dispose of this oily waste.


Does your car use a lot of oil???

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Gotcha on that.  Thank you for your response, and advice.  I recently changed his oil-- dipstick is just a little above normal.  Before the oil change, I was addiing 1qt of oil every week, or so, and replacing air filters every 3 weeks.  My Billy Goat's getting old, I know, and probably needs an overhaul.

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