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Best Header for 1200

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Two years later 


My beast awaken!!!!! Its a speed engine very sensitive to the pedal.


I have no clearance to put a normal brake master cylinder:::::::::::::::::::


Where a can buy a RHD brake master cylinder, or a difrent solution to my case.... I have alreadty bought S13 brake disks brackets and brake calipers.


I need your help.




I will put a better video with a better tuning carb



At hte moment i have no breaks, im crazy to speed it...

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i Have no clearance beteween horns carbs and bmc. Which floor pedals do you recomend for me? Please any ideias. I dont know  what i can do.


I want put the carb horns, and i must remove the brake master cylinder under to dash, but i dont know what i have to do or parts i will to find. In Portugal it is very dificult to find new or used parts. Everything i bought were from Ratsun members or ebay. Yesterday i went to junkyard and i cant find nothing.


I m searching on web (tilton or wilwood pedals but i must buy with 100% of sure? I will not give up my project, i want put my 1200 on road with better brakes (i have the s13 brakes discs calipers and brackets)


Your help is very precious for me...





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Racer Dave installed the brake can clutch master cylinders inside the firewall on his 1200 Coupe race car.




Remote reservoirs.




I think he said they were off a MGB. He used to race those too.



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