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US supplier for Cusco camber plates for the datsun 510


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I've been told S13 camber plates work in a 510.


The set that came with my bluebird coupe were 235 410 A




Cusco lists these as for the "rear" of the 1698 - 1981 510.  Whatever...




The part number for the S13 units is 220 410 A




I wonder what the difference(s) is/are - if any.


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Why not the ground control or the troy ermish ones?


I've never heard anything positive about Ground Control.


I have heard positive things about Troy but didn't know he had camber plates.  Looking at his website, they do not appear to be "bolt in" which is what I'm looking for.  I'm not ready to chop up my strut towers just yet.



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You want ones that have some kind of bearing between the spring and the plate, so you don't have the entire cars weight bearing down on the ball bearing.


I have the ground control upper plates and the threaded sleeves for the coilovers and I like them.


I'd get the offset ones so you can get more caster without pulling your tires forward as far. Because racecar!

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Troy sells products from Don at Design Products Racing in Long Beach, CA. He has two styles of camber plates; one bolt in style, and the offset caster style that requires cutting of the tower, as Carter has posted above. His spring top hats also use the needle bearings. I have the bolt in style plates, and enjoy them. I'm not a fan of the bright colors T3 uses, but to each their own.

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