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New Member- Need Help Locating Fenders


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Hey guys, been lurking for years now and finally I find myself joining the community.


I'm located in Ontario Canada, East of Toronto, West of Ottawa.


I recently purchased this http://www.kijiji.ca/v-cars-trucks/oshawa-durham-region/1972-datsun-other-2-door-coupe-coupe-2-door/1117455225?enableSearchNavigationFlag=trueand I desperately front fenders. Among other things. 


Willing to buy used as well. Anybody in North America able to help me? Thanks and I hope to keep you guys updated.

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Hwy. 7. Lived briefly in Napanee in the '80s. Ontario is hard on old cars. Tried finding a 620 gas tank about 10 years ago in Whitby. Nothing older than '95. Best bet is a re-pop from Taiwan.


If looking here for parts, you have to place a want ad in our classifieds... http://community.ratsun.net/classifieds/category/9-body-and-interior/?sort_key=date_added&sort_order=desc


This is the 1200 forum and strictly for discussion and information sharing about the 1200.



Please, on your next post, include some more information on your Lil'l Datsun. The 1200 guys will love it.


Welcome to Ratsun....

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Thanks Mike! If you're ever back this way give me a shout. Cool to see somebody who has a clue where I am. I believe you, this stuff is really difficult to find. 


Story is it's an original 46000 mile car from Manitoba. Previous owner brought it over with intentions to make a vintage racer of it. Last on the road in 2009. In true Ratsun fashion I decided a tow was not needed as it ran and drove. So with an old sign as a floor board, and a jerry can(sealed) in the passenger seat I proceeded on my 200 km journey home... Departing around 1 am... in the rain... alone, in temperatures hovering around 0 degrees celsius. It only died a couple times as the carb appears to have a sticky choke. 


In my excitement I attempted to run some errands in it once I got home. Stupid idea, car died repeatedly. Thankfully this car left me stranded 3 kms from home. 


I really thought these cars were "forgotten" but it's not the case. A lot of middle aged guys have been guessing the car/age spot on. 



I called a buddy who works at Nissan and a passengers fender MAY be available new. Drivers side still no leads. 


Going to give this guy a call in the daytime...http://www.showcars-bodyparts.com/

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Oh jeeze. Mind if I ask what the fiberglass ones went for? I think I just found a pair of new ones for $400 CAD. Locally, I think that may be my best bet at the moment. Still waiting on steel. Also do you guys know if floor pans are available? 


It's honestly scary when a guy from New Mexico needs to buy sheetmetal in Portugal. The 1200's really didn't get saved like the 510's and z's I guess?

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Ended up buying a super clean 1200. Got rid of it promptly and bought a solid 280z. Finally started to get serious about the metal work on this 1200 and I see it's already been filled poorly in structural areas. May part it out even. Would rather see stuff go to use than see this car hacked together but really unsure.

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