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'77 810 front strut problems

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I know this has been discussed but I have run into issues and am trying to get this solved.


I purchased K&Y strut inserts for a 77 280Z and added shims to get them to fit correctly in the strut tube ( its 4 x 1 1/4" washers if you want to know). The new insert, fully extended, is 1/12 inches shorter than the original. No problem until my spring compressor couldn't squish the springs far enough to make it fit. I took it to a buddies garage to have him do it. He is having issues as well. Before we cut the coils , am I missing something? Wrong year inserts? This is causing me some issues and I do not want to sut the springs if I do not have to.

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Compare your uncompressed spring length to that of a 280z, my guess is your springs are longer, cut to match and you should be OK.

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