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I little help for the 520/521 guys


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Last night I did a stud/nut swap on the front end of my 521 because I felt the stock studs were too short for comfort. I drilled a 31/64 hole in my hubs and drew the studs through with the nut. I haven't done the rear end yet because I wasn't up to pulling the axles, so I am going to try to find another solution to that. If the parts place you're ordering studs from HAS to have an application for studs, I think they were from a Hummer H3. I happen to work at a parts store so I can cheat a little and just type in part #s  B)


Here's some pics!


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Yes, they are absolutely 7/16" fine thread. I know this because I just replaced a stud on the rear, which you do not have to pull the axles. You may have to in your application of the Hummer studs,as they look longer than stock. The ones I bought did not have the flat spot on the head to prevent from spinning. Also, the new one had splines, but quick work with a bench grinder fixed it all.

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