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Help me identify the color on this 510 wagon


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Hi all,

Hoping some of you experts can help me figure this out. Love the color on this wagon. However, I am not sure if it is a factory color or not, and/or what the color code might be. Looking at the Datsun color charts my best guess is that it might be Silver (Bronze) Metallic #531, but when I look at the few other cars with that color they seem to carry less of the flat beige look that this wagon seems to have. Could just be lighting or filters or age of the photo.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!



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Hard to find a JDM car that hasn't been repainted. They are very strict about rust perforation and damage.


Color looks much different under different lighting. And cameras sometimes correct incorrectly. You would have to view it under 5.5K-6K sunlight and get a digital picture. This would have to be matched to a paint chart, lots of room for error.


Better just find one and ask someone what it is.


I agree, nice silver/gray?

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Yea that was my first thought/question.  Is this even the true color of the car or has filter/polarizer been applied.  


Thanks for the thought so far. 


It´d be nice to see that Silver(Beige)#531 in person before pulling the trigger.  Spraying a whole car inside and out is not a fun way to find out you made a mistake.  hahaha

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i don't either of those colors came out of the factory looking like that

so you're better off going with a newer car silver or just mixing you're own


og paint was akloyd enamel and is difficult to reproduce

even if you could find a car that still had the og paint it will still be oxidized plus have a different mica content

nissan/datsun paint chips are misleading

never trust the computer formula for your code

after you've made your choice spray a panel and see what you end up with

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