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Twelve Volt Air Compressor

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Years ago a neighbor bought me a tiny 12 volt air compressor for $8 on sale. I often use it to blow up my bike tires and top up my Datsun car tires but it takes about 10 min. It's a min just to blow up a bike tire, it has a 12 foot cigarette lighter plug and to get to the rear wheels you have to stick it our the rear door... a pain.


Saw one of these compressors years ago but it slipped away. This summer I came across another because the old wrecking yard that closed is starting up fresh again. It's from an old Cadillac with some kind of air ride or load leveling suspension with air bags or shocks in the back.  I scooped the electric compressor and got a length of air hose and one of those dial things for airing up tires. 


The outlet has nothing to screw the hose to so I got something and ground the threads off so it would fit.




Like this. Doesn't matter if loose, in fact it has to have some room for....




JB Weld.




All together but the wiring. I have some, but need the alligator clips for the battery. Maybe it needs a base and a handle to keep it all together ans more portable. Will add to this when done.



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I expect this will fill a bike tire much faster. The motor is a lot larger that a wiper motor. The other two wires, I think, are to a solenoid to let air out of the system for leveling. Maybe I should also include an on/off switch too.

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